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Feb 1, 2004


   ::  She hasn't stopped performing since she first burst onto the pop scene in the 60s, and has successfully wowed and won two different generations' worth of Singaporean, Malaysian as well as Indonesian fans.Anything but passe, Anita Sarawak continues to be every bit hip today as she was back then.

A Diva & icon (an absolute fav.among her gay crowd)and a living legend - in Singapore since the '70s, Anita is undoubtedly one of the most multi- talented entertainers in the region. Those who grew up in the '60s and '70s will definitely remember her live wire song-and-dance act-on tv variety shows.

In local night spots and clubs from Kasbah to Khameleon...at the Mandarin  Singapore.

She was the first local performer to break local boundaries, concocting her own unique brand of entertainment, cross-breeding almost every music genre- pop. rock 'n' roll. R & B, soul , disco - with funky dance moves, outlandish costumes and stunning showmanship.

Supremely confident on stage, she was famous for her hilarious routine which saw her flirting and teasing poor unsuspecting males in the audience... :: 




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